The LEGO Group E & E Handout

  1. What does the organization do? What is its major work activity?

The LEGO Group is a multinational toy company with their headquarters in Denmark. They offer a range of products from movies, games, and their world famous plastic building blocks. The company’s major work activity is the production and distribution of its childrens’ plastic building blocks. This popular company continues to grow with a reported 25.2% growth in revenue and 9.2 billion DKK net profits in 2015 (The LEGO Group Annual Report, 2015).

  1. Based on your research, how does the org score on efficiency? Defend your answer

Efficiency Score: 4

The LEGO Group is currently in the process of rapid expansion worldwide with the goal of having factories closer to the consumers. This is also met with an increased drive to become more eco-friendly in production. The score did not earn a complete 5 because LEGO is still in the process of improving its supply chain and distribution attributes. This being said, based on the company’s current trajectory and success patterns, it is not unrealistic to eventually see this company gain a rating of 5. (The LEGO Group Annual Report, 2015)

  1. Based on your research, how does the org score on effectiveness? Defend your answer.

Effectiveness Score: 5

It has been apparent for many years that The LEGO Group is a highly effective and successful organization. Due to the strength of the brand and the success it finds, not only in its toys, but its other forms of entertainment, the LEGO Group continues to impress with quality products that appeal to children from different generations.

  1. Where would the organization like to be in the graph? Why? How do you know?

After viewing the organization’s website and analyzing their stated goals in conjunction with their annual reports, it seems that The LEGO Group is striving to earn a rating of 5 in efficiency. This is shown by its rapid expansion projects across the world, its ability to analyze and improve its supply chain relationships, and to become more environmentally conscious.

  1. Does the current positioning of the organization correspond to its vision and mission statements? Support your answer.

Mission Statement: “‘Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow’

Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future – experiencing the endless human possibility.” (

Vision Statement: “‘Inventing the future of play’

We want to pioneer new ways of playing, play materials and the business models of play – leveraging globalisation and digitalisation…it is not just about products, it is about realising the human possibility.” (

*Spelling of some words may be different because of language translation.

Yes, it seems that LEGO is following their mission and vision statements, through their recent business actions. For example, the aforementioned international expansion is a prime example of globalization. Digitalization is achieved through an information-rich web presence and the release of many digital products such as their LEGO video game franchise and creation of online block building tools. By implementing these product lines and innovations they are able to follow through with their mission statement, which is inspiring children to think creatively, especially in the modern world.


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One thought on “The LEGO Group E & E Handout

  1. This is a good start, but you need to go into a little more detail in each of the sections. I need to see that you understand where the company is ranking based on thorough research (i.e., not just from their published sites). Nothing is going to be perfect, yet you have this company nearing perfection on both efficiency and effectiveness. I am uncertain, based on the information you provide on what the organization “does”, that this company truly deserves a near perfect rating. Also, think about the PR department within the large organization. Their job is to release information that will guide public perceptions. Are you getting at the dirt in this company? Perhaps interviews are needed here?


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