My Dream Job

The idea of a dream job is particularly interesting to me, because I have not quite figured out what direction I want to head in the professional realm. This uncertainty is both intimidating and freeing, as it can be daunting to not know what your future holds, but pleasurable to have some degree of control over many of life’s outcomes.

This being said, I have a strong inclination to be my own boss and because of this I am looking toward the field of entrepreneurship. I feel although this may be more “work” than some other standard positions, it could prove to be the most rewarding, at least in my mind. For the sake of the below example I will analyze what some of my operative goals would be for one of my potential entrepreneurial ideas: an online, subscription based, outdoor wear and gear service. This would be similar to other monthly subscription services, such as NatureBox or Blue Apron, but with an emphasis on unique and useful outdoor products. These goals are placed in the setting of a brand new company.

My Five Operative Goals

Overall performance goals– as a one person, entrepreneurial endeavor, my main performance goals would be to have  a positive net income. This means I would have to make sure that I have enough subscriptions to outweigh the costs of doing business, which in this case would be securing orders from the trendiest outdoor companies.

Resource goals– as stated above, finding the right gear and having a steady supply of it to put in the monthly subscription packages would be quite the challenge. Because of this, I would look to secure products slowly from companies that I am a consumer of. In order to do this I would need to find the right suppliers before I launch the company.

Market goals– with a new business, the biggest challenge is entering the market in the first place. The main focus for this goal would be to generate as many leads as possible through word of mouth and online marketing. After doing so I need to stay consistent and follow up with my customers, most likely through the use of email lists.

Productivity goals– the main goal here would be to find enough outdoor items to fill the subscription packages, analyze their costs, and to make sure that they will satisfy my potential customers. The other goal in this category would be to keep shipping costs as low as possible (possibly by moving my base of operations to a city or state that is near a large amount of people).

Innovation and Change goals– online subscription services are no longer a new idea. Because of this, I would make innovation goals to be in tune with the direction others in this category of business are going and to try and be one step ahead of them. I could try and implement creative packaging or customized packages based on the tastes of the customer. This would be similar to Blue Apron’s option to pick from a select group of meals for the month.

Organizational Structure

Because of the nature of my business, at least in the beginning, I would have an entrepreneurial organizational structure, where I oversee all business tasks.


Eventually if the company were to grow (hopefully!), I am particularly interested in the flat lattice structure that W.L. Gore and Associates uses. This would mean that everyone in the organization, whether it is the accountant or marketer, has a say in the decision making process. This could only be achieved through highly intimate hiring processes, where I hire people who are well qualified and trustworthy.


I am fond of this structure as it allows all employees to feel empowered and appreciated as critical members in the survival of the company. Although this is just an idea, I do not think it is too far fetched to pursue a company of this nature.


One thought on “My Dream Job

  1. Very cool idea! I really like that you provided links to other organizations that you were modeling your idea off of and that you set the stage for your analysis. Also, the exploration of different types of organizational structures is intriguing and delightful to see in such an early assignment. I am looking forward to seeing how you take the challenges posed in the next assignment and apply it to this dream job. Kudos!


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